Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Vespa rental

With a Vespa on tour in the surroundings of Brugge and Sea land.

Discover form Damme the surroundings of Bruges and the Zeeuwse coast. Discover form Damme the plane polder landscape with the towers of Damme, Oostkerke and Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden. Just over the Dutch border you will be driving through the picturesque villages like Sluis, Sint-Anna-ter-Muiden, Retranchement and Groede.

You enjoy with your Vespa long the Zeeuws seaboards Breskens, Nieuwvliet and Cadzand before you stop in the mondain Knokke-Zoute. There you can enjoy of art and mode. And there is plenty of time to experience the historical city of Bruges his monuments, museum and a authentic bar as finisher.

New in 2017 is the with every rental, they give you a GPS where a couple of routes in the region are marked. You can chose for the Zeeuws-Flemish route, Abbasi & Castelli or a Zwin route

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