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Hiking path of Ryckevelde

Between Bruges and Sijsele you can do a walk in the domain of Ryckevelde. It is a 130 ha big area with variated chapped sand, forests and heaths. Start is at the castle of Ryckevelde and via an avenue of trees you walk along the old former railway track Bruges – Eeklo. Return goes via the forest and botanical garden of Ryckevelde. Here you find an abundance of rural ways, picturesque farmhouses and a variation of open fields or forest.

Route information

  • Distance: 7,5 km
  • Relief: plane
  • Form: sloopshaped ( one direction)
  • Signalisation: The route is signposted with hexagonal boards
  • Point of departure: Castle Ryckevelde ( Ryckeveldestraat, Sijsele)


  • Price : 2,00 EUR
  • Languages: NL
  • Accessible by Visit Damme

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