Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Food & drink

Be surprised by the flavors of the region. Enjoy the gourmet and Burgundian dining in Damme. Nowhere else will you find such a wide range of top restaurants and great bistros. Craftsmanship is what connects them. Cosiness in these class stores that conjure up wondrous scenes on a daily basis. Damme also established a number of microbreweries that have developed delicious local beers with local ingredients. In the tearooms, pastry chefs work every day to bring the tastiest desserts to the table. And who can resist a refreshing stop on the cozy terrace of an ice farm?

Visit Damme

Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3 8340 Damme Phone+32 (0)50 28 86 10
open 9.30-12.30 h. and 13.00-17.00 h.

For professionals