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Guided walks

An excellent way to get to know every aspect of Damme is to discover the city on foot accompanied by a guide. You choose to be led to unknown places while listening to juicy anecdotes. Toerisme Damme only works with officially certified tour guides who take the visitors in tow and inform them in different languages.



  • Guided tour in Damme with or without a visit to the Church of Our Lady and the Tyll Owlglass Museum.
  • Guided tour in the nature reserve "De Stadswallen". You receive information on the fauna and flora, do not forget your waterproof shoes.
  • A combination of the foregoing.
  • A guided bike tour is also possible.


Price information

€ 80,00 per guide (basic price for an uninterrupted period of two hours) / € 40,00 per guide (for every additional hour after the first 2 hours)


Maximum number of participants

25 people



2 hours



Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish
(according to availability)


How to book?

Mail your booking (at least one week in advance in writing) to with the following information:

  • your name, address and phone number
  • date of visit
  • number of participants
  • language of the group
  • the desired option

The booking is only definite when you receive a confirmation with a booking number. It is advisable to bring this confirmation with you on the day of your visit.



Always on the spot to the guide (cash in €)

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