Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Roland, tower keeper

Roland Mathieu hails from Luxembourg, born and bred, but 40 years ago, he found his great love in Flanders and decided to settle in Damme. Now, he is known as the tower keeper of the Church of Our Lady of Ascension. There’s every chance you’ll run into him there. "I can stay in the church for hours" you often hear him say. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that you will find his "must see in Damme" at this place of respite.

"People often walk by here without realising what treasures are above their heads. To admire these treasures, you look up from the central nave and above the columns you will see four oak apostle statues on both sides. "Luckily, these 13th-century wood sculptures were spared during the iconoclasm of 1578 because they are so high up. The iconoclasts were clearly afraid of heights.

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