Gemeente Toerisme Damme


In Damme, there are two car parks (Damme Zuid and Damme Oost) where you can park your car for free, throughout the year.

You can also park in the centre of Damme, but there you have to consider the following scheme for paid parking:

From 16 November to 28(29) February:

  • free parking on weekdays
  • paid parking on weekend and public holidays

From 1 March to 15 November:

  • free parking on weekdays between 12.00h and 14.00h
  • paid parking on weekdays between 10.00h and 12.00h and between 14.00h and 19.00h
  • paid parking on weekends and public holidays

Visit Damme

Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3 8340 Damme Phone+32 (0)50 28 86 10
open 13.00-17.00 h.

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