Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Heritage Walk

In the Middle ages, the city of Damme was the vibrant port of the economic metropolis Bruges. The economy flourished, the city took on big building projects and traders moved to stately houses with enough stockage. When the trading was fallen down, Damme became a military fortress in the war between Spain and the Northly Netherlands. In the 18th century the peace came back. The spirit of the legendary Tijl Uilenspiel has never left this city. This walk takes you laong the traces of 800 years of history, a story where traders, military members and Tijl Uilenspiegel claimed a title role.

Route Information

  • Distance: 3,2 km
  • Relief: plane
  • Form: loop shaped ( one direction)
  • Signalisation: the walking route is signposted with in the ground nailed rivets.
  • Point of departure: Visit Damme ( Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3, Damme)


Heritage Walk

  • Price: 2,00 EUR
  • Languages: Multiple publication ( NL, FR, DE, EN)
  • Accessible by Visit Damme

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