Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Johan, miller of Damme

Now close to retirement, he looks back on his career with great satisfaction. He never thought he was going to be a miller. Twenty-three years ago, Johan Denys applied for the job of park ranger at the Province of West Flanders, but that application eventually brought him to the ‘Schellemolen’ Mill in Damme. "Being a miller is a luxury job", says Johan, "I've never for one minute got bored and I can never get enough of the mill itself, never mind the beautiful landscape around it on all sides". Even today, he still speaks passionately about his mill and explains with great enthusiasm how it works to the many tourists who often see a mill on the inside for the first time. That contact with all those visitors is one of the most rewarding side-effects of Johan's job.

Would you like to learn more about the ‘Schellemolen’ Mill and meet its miller? From April to the end of September, you can visit the mill every weekend, admission is free.

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