Gemeente Toerisme Damme


Make your way through a three-hectare maze in a maize field: in the summer you can do it along the Zuiddijk in Damme! A fun activity for young and old.

Once you have found the exit on the 6ha site, a terrace awaits you in the middle of the fields.

From July 12 to August 31.

Tip: Since this year you can stay overnight at Maïsterplan for the first time. You will stay in a tiny house or Maïster tent in the middle of Maïsterplan. From the Maïsterbar a secret path leads you to your glamping spot where you can stay undisturbed and enjoy nature.

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Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3 8340 Damme Phone+32 (0)50 28 86 10
open 9.30-12.30 h. and 13.00-17.00 h.

For professionals