Gemeente Toerisme Damme


Make your way through a three-hectare maze in a maize field, where a fresh regional beer and a cheese snack await you at the exit: in summer, you can do it along the Zuiddijk in Damme! A fun activity for young and old.

There is a children's maze and a Maize maze. On average, the children's maze takes half an hour. The Maize Maze is quite a bit more difficult and you will quickly spend 1 to 2 hours getting lost in it.


You can "glamp" again at Maizesterplan. You stay in a tiny house or Maizester tent in the middle of Maizesterplan. From the Maïsterbar, a secret path will lead you to your glamping spot where you can stay undisturbed and enjoy nature. 

Are you organising an event?

Would you like to organise a party in Maïsterplan? Maïsterplan has a separate event circle among the maize that you can hire out. This can be done during the day or in the evening.

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