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Velden & Meersen hiking network

The Velden & Meersen hiking network, with no less than 115 km of hiking options, strings together a number of scenic gems east of Bruges. From Sijsele (Damme) it stretches to Ver-Assebroek (Bruges), Oedelem (Beernem) and Moerbrugge (Oostkamp). Historical landscapes, such as the ‘Assebroekse Meersen’, the ‘Beverhoutsveld’, the
‘Gemeneweiden’ and ‘Loweiden’ and ‘Oedelemberg’ (21m) form the beautiful backdrop to this walking network. Picturesque villages anchor the network in the region and form the gateways to the walking network. Ideal for families, those seeking peace and quiet and nature lovers.

Route information

  • distance: 115 km of hiking trails
  • relief: flat
  • form: netwerk
  • signage: the hiking network is signposted with nodes
  • departure point: various entry points


Wandelnetwerk Velden en Meersen

  • price: 6,00 EUR
  • languages: multilingual (NL, FR, DE, EN) publication
  • available at Visit Damme

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