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Velden en Meersen

The east of Bruges is rich in beautiful natural areas. From the bird-rich Assebroek Meersen, we pedal towards the World Heritage City where a number of mills on the Vesten still remind us of the time when millers supplied the whole city with flour. Via the Dampoort, we return to the outskirts along the Maleveld and cycle through the wooded Ryckevelde domain in Sijsele. Things get spicy when we climb the lonely hill Oedelemberg. Past the centre of Beernem, we pass the Ghent-Bruges Canal where donkeys graze in nature reserve Gevaerts-Noord. We cross the delightfully quiet Beverhoutsveld where, in the 14th century, the people of Bruges fought a skirmish against the people of Ghent to get back to the Assebroekse Meersen via an old tram bed.

Route information

  • distance: 39.0 km
  • relief: flat
  • subsoil: -
  • shape: loop-shaped, one-way
  • signposting: the cycle route is signposted with hexagonal signs.
  • Starting point: Ryckevelde (Ryckeveldestraat, Sijsele)


This cycle route is integrated as a suggestion loop on the cycle network map Bruges Ommeland. There will no longer be a separate folder with map of the cycle route, but the signposting will be retained. 

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