Gemeente Toerisme Damme

Visitors centre 'Damme and the Zwin region'

The Zwin Region is one of the most important scenic areas in Flanders. Nowhere else the coherence between history, culture, nature and scenery is as visibly present as here. In the centre of the Zwin Region lies the historic town of Damme. The stately house called "De Grote Sterre" has stood as a stone's throw from the town hall for well over five centuries. In this historical property the Visitors Centre has been attractively accommodated. Tourists and other people who are interested, can obtain information about the nature-oriented recreational possiblities of Damme and its surroundings. This is done from four lines of approach: the Polders, Damme past and present, nature, borders and lines.

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Visit Damme

Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3 8340 Damme Phone+32 (0)50 28 86 10
open 9.30-12.30 h. and 13.00-17.00 h.

For professionals