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In 1999 the first Viven beers were brewed under the name 'Chapel of Viven' and 'Monastery of Viven'. The names refer tot Vivenkapelle, a district of Damme, where the original brewer lived.

In 2003 Tony Traen took over the Chapel of Viven from Willy de Lobel. Since then, the Viven Chapel has undergone some developments. A brand new look, an improved recipe for the Viven Monastery and a new name. Viven Chaple and Viven Monastery were briefly christened Viven Blond and Viven Bruin.

The idea to apply our Flemish brewing art to non-Flemish beers did not let Tony go, and together with Dirk Naudts he developed the promising recipes of Viven Ale, Viven Porter, Viven Imperial IPA and Viven Master IPA. No everday beers that appeal to every beer connoisseur.

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